Grammar Syllabus      


Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 2

Credit: 4

Level: First Year


Weekly time:


General Objectives

1)      Enable learners to construct appropriate and correct sentences, each sentence pattern in its right position.

2)       Enhance learners’ grammar, thinking and writing skills.


–          Introduce learners to English Grammar

–          Provide them with grammar knowledge

–          And help them identify different parts of a sentence



Eastwood.J. (2008). Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate. Oxford University Press.

Available at: https:// www.


Course Content
First Semester
1-      Grammar Definition and its Importance in The Language

2-      Parts of Speech/ Sentence Elements

3-      Articles : a- an- the

4-  Nouns

4.1. Singular and Plural (different irregular plurals)

4.2. Genders-Common- Neuter

4.3. Nouns + Quantifiers

4.4. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

4.5 Group Nouns and Pair Nouns

5-      Personal Pronouns

6-     Moods

6.1. Indicative

6.2. Subjunctive

6.3. Imperative

7- Tenses

            7.1. Present a) simple;  b) progressive;   c) perfect;   d) perfect progressive

7.2. Past      a) simple;   b) progressive ; c) perfect ;  d) perfect progressive

7.3 Future    a) simple ; b) progressive ; c) perfect ;   d) perfect progressive


End of Semester I

First Examination

Second Semester
1.      Adjectives and their position in a sentence

1.1. Comparatives, superlatives and equality

2.      Adverbs and their position in a sentence

2.1.Adverbs with  « ly »  (of manner)

2.2. Adverbs of frequency

2.3. Adverbs of place and time

2.4.Adverbs of degree  (quite, very)

3.      Prepositions

3.1. Of place

3.2. Of time

4.      Coordinators, Connectors and Conjunctions

5.      Possessive Case



End of Semester II

Second Examination

Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment

ü  Participation: 20% (4 pts)

ü  Home work: 20% (4 pts)

ü  Attendance: 10% (2 pts)

Final Assessment

ü Exam 20/20