Grammar  Syllabus      


Teaching Unit


Credit: 4




Weekly time:3h00
Aims and Objectives:

ü  To introduce the learners to grammatical features of English language in a way that builds upon what has been tackled in 1styear syllabus and ensures continuity.

ü  To make meaningful connections between the grammar being introduced and how it works in the writing being taught.

ü  To explore grammar features in specific textual contextswithin an integrated view of reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes:

ü  Students gain familiarity with grammatical features and their employment within meaningful contexts.

ü  Studentsgain background knowledge that helps them function across other major skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking).


Eastwood. J. (2005). Oxford Advanced Learner’s: Grammar Finder. Oxford Press, UK.

Hall.D.,& Folley. M. (2003). Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar. Longman, Uk.

Course Content
First Semester
1. Main Tenses general revision:

·         Present simple

·         Present continuous

·         Present perfect

·         Past simple

·         Past perfect

·         Future simple

2. Types of phrases

3. Functions of phrases

4. Types of clauses

5. Types of sentences

6. Phrasal verb and prepositional verb

7. Passive vs Active

End of Semester I

First Examination

Second Semester
8. Reported speech

9. Conditional

10. Modals

11. Modifying adverbs

12. Possessives

13. Comparison

14. Question types

15. Prepositions

16. Linkers and connecters

End of Semester II

Second Examination

Assessment and Evaluation
TD Test: 30%

Attendance & participation: 20%

Examination: 50%