Phonetics Syllabus      


Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 1

Credit: 2

Level: Second Year


Weekly time:


Aims and Objectives:

ü  Transcribe English speech phonemically and phonetically.

ü  Classify the English vowels and consonants using distinctive features.

ü  Pronounce words and phrases with a correct stress pattern.

ü  Understand the different aspects of connected speech.

ü  Understand the English rhythm and intonation systems.

Learning Outcomes:

By learning suprasegmentals, students can gain familiarity with native speakers, improve their listening competence and develop their English pronunciation. Therefore, the objectives of teaching English pronunciation during their second year can be summarized as follows:

–          Detailed background on English syllables, stress placement, aspects of connected speech and intonation.

–          Students learn how to transcribe not only words but connected speech so that they can develop their listening skills.

–          Providing more practice on the aspects of connected speech, so that they gain familiarity with the different English dialects.


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ü  O’Conor,J. D. (1991). Phonetics. London: Penguin.

ü  Gimson, A.C. (1978). An introduction to the English pronunciation of English.

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Course Content
First Semester
       I.            Revision: A glimpse of English speech sounds

    II.            Syllables in English

1.      Structure of English syllables

a.       Onset

b.      Nucleus

c.       Coda

2.      Syllable division

3.      Strong and weak syllables

4.      Syllabic consonants


 III.            Word Stress

1.      The nature of stress

2.      Levels of stress

3.      Placement of stress within simple words

4.      Placement of stress within complex words

5.      Placement of stress within compound words

6.      Strong and weak forms


End of Semester I

First Examination

Second Semester
 IV.            Aspects of Connected Speech

1.      Assimilation

2.      Elision

3.      Linking

4.      Juncture

5.      Reduction (Weak forms)


    V.            Intonation

1.      What is intonation?

2.      Function in intonation

a.       The attitudinal function

b.      The accentual function

c.       The grammatical function

d.      The discourse function


End of Semester II

Second Examination

Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment (50%)

ü  Quiz andhome works, 15/15

ü  Attendance: 5/5

Final Assessment (50%)

ü  Exam 20/20