Written ExpressionSyllabus                               


Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 4

Credit: 6

Level: Second Year


Weekly time:


Aims and Objectives:

●Consolidating learners’ linguistic competence.

●Reviewing the mechanics of writing.

●Raising learners’ awareness of the conventions of writing.

●Developing learners’ strategic competence.

●Introducing and practising different texts development.

Learning Outcomes:

●Students will able to write an introductory, a developmental, and concluding


●Students will able to apply the mechanics of writing.

●Students will be able to recognize and then write different types of essays..

●Students can correct their writing mistakes thanks to their knowledge of the

conventions of writing.


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Course Content
Third Semester

From paragraph to essay


I.            Essay organization

1.The introductory paragraph

2.The developmental paragraph

3.The concluding paragraph


II.            Different Types of  essays

1.      Process essay(writing activities)

2.      Descriptive essay(writing activities)

3.      Narrative essay (writing activities)

4.      Expository essay (writing activities)


End of Semester III

First Examination

Fourth Semester
I.                   Argumentative essay  (writing activities)

II.                Cause/effect essay       (writing activities)


III Summarizing(Book Report)

End of Semester IV

Second Examination

Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment

ü  50%


Final Assessment

ü  Exam 50%