Oral Expression Syllabus


Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 2

Credit: 4

Level: 1st year


Weekly time:


Number of teaching Hours:45h00
Research Objectives:

ü  Improve learner’s ability for oral communication

ü  Use of the language for both listening and speaking skills

ü  Develop learner’s proficiency in oral expression


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ü  Brown, G., &Yule, G. (1983). Teaching the Spoken Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Course Content


Contents Specific Objectives
01 Listening:Subtitle speeches of foreigners The development of critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and general learning outcomes.
02 Speaking:ELT free topics  The physical execution/delivery of speech and the dramatization of speech
03 Proverbs idioms and citations To grasp and express effectively feelings and ideas.
04 Tongue twisters and varied use /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
05 Listening: BBC English pods Use action research to assess the effects
06 Speaking:oral performance To fully vocalize, to choose to make contact with a word and to communicate that word successfully.
07 Poems The physical execution/delivery of speech and the dramatization of speech
08  Listening:short stories Acquainting the learner with the rationale behind work.
  Describing        Narrating Argumentation
09  Expressions of emotions and opinions Enable the learner to read to understand
10 Listening: BBC  pods Production of Speech after listening
11 Conversations and Hidden words puzzles and crosswords To grasp and express effectively feelings and ideas.  To succeed in college, students
12 Speaking:free and general topics Situations will be complemented or reinforced through oral expression
13 Listening and speaking:        songs //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
14  Speaking:ELT questions To strengthen skills associated with oral expressions, such as discourse conventions, delivery, persuasion, and argumentation.
15 Roleplay and oral performances To improve oral performance abilities


Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment


Final Assessment: 50%