Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 2

Credit: 2

Level: 3rd Year


Weekly time:


Number of teaching Hours: 22h30

– Show students how to organize their thoughts during the writing process

– Make students know how to write an introduction, a body and a conclusion

– Provide students with the knowledge to distinguish between the different types of essay

– Give students an insight about the way to write a business letter and a curriculum vitae



Levin, P. (2004). Write Great Essays: Reading and Essay Writing for Undergraduates. London. Open University Press

Perutz, V. (2010). A Helpful Guide to Essay Writing. UK: Anglia Ruskin University

The Essential Guide to Writing Business Letters- Writing Business Letters. Available at

https//www.writing-business-letters.com pdf

Coghill, B., & Anthony, R. (2011). C V Handbook: A Curriculum Vitae Owner’s Manual. United States of America. PhD Books L L C



Course Content

First Semester

–          Summary Essay

–          Argumentative Essay

–          Definition Essay

–          Comparison/ Contrast Essay

–          Classification Essay

End of the Semester
Second Semester
–          Business Letter

–          Cover Letter

–          Application for a Job

–          Motivation

–          Curriculum vitae

 Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment