Teaching Unit  Transversal Coefficient: 01 Credit: 01 Level: Master II (Lit & Civ)   Weekly time: 1h30
Aims and Objectives: Introducing the major concepts “Ethics + Deontology” from different perspectives.Socializing the learners with the implication of ethics and Deontology while conducting their researches.Exposing the reasons and the match between Academic writing and Ethical issues.Familiarizing the future researchers with the Misconduct tactics in researching.Introducing the Minor and the Major Violations in an Academic Research.Rising students’ awareness about the Good Research Conduct Procedures.Inviting the future researchers to know their Rights and their Duties while conducting a research. Learning Outcomes: The future researchers will cope with the field of researching; they will get a close idea about the research and how it should be conducted.The future researchers will be able to adopt the Good Practice in an Academic Research as veracity, beneficence, honesty and respect.The future researchers’ awareness about the different violations that affect their academic works as defamation, plagiarism, abusing the Intellectual Property Rights.The future researchers will be able to research objectively, knowing their Rights and their Duties.The future researchers will arrive at distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong in conducting any academic work.
References :
1- Sieglinde Gruber, “The Codes of the Conducts for the Recruitment of the  Researchers”, The European Charter for the researchers, 2005.
2- European University Institute, “Code of Ethics in Academic Researches”, 2017.
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Course Content
First Semester
               Contents      Remarks
I-Definition of Ethics and Deontology An Introductory Study II-An Overview of the :       a-The Research + Characteristics and its ethics       b-The researcher + Qualitie  Reviewing all the elements
III-The Misconduct in an Academic Research:       a- Plagiarism       b- Piracy       c- Abusing the Intellectual Property Rights  A Scientific Analysis
IV-Identifying Levels of Violations of a  Good Academic Research: Minor ViolationMajor Violation An Analytic Study
V-The Major ethical Issues in Conducting a Research  An Analytic study
VI-The Good Practice in an Academic   Research: Academic Freedom Integrity Responsibility A Scientific Study + Definitions
VII-The Student / The researcher Rights and Duties: RightsDuties  An Comparative, Analytic  Study
VIII-From Researching to Publishing: Responsibilities and Regulations. Measures to follow while  researching and Publishing                                  Semestral Exam: ……./ 20
End of Semester I First Examination