Teaching Unit
Coefficient: 3 Credit: 6
Level:Master II   Weekly time:
1h30 for course and 3h00 for TD
Number of teaching Hours:67h30

Course description:

This course is a historical survey of modern issues in English literature. It presents a selection of English literary works that portray and explain modern issues of gender relations, exile, immigration, racial segregation and so on.

Course Content

First Semester

  1. Race relations(Ralph Elison’sInvisible Man)
  2. Women’s issues (TsitsiDangarembga’sNervous Conditions)
  3. Exile and displacement (Joseph Conrad’s Amy Foster)
  4. Queer theory (Virginia Woolf’s Orlando)

Islam and islamophobia (AymZighen’s Still Moments:  A Story about Faded Dreams and Pictures)

End of Semester I Exam

Second Semester

The Second Chapter is devoted for Dissertation writing

Assessment and Evaluation for the first semester

Continuous Assessment 50% Final Assessment: 50%