Teaching UnitMethodological Coefficient: 2 Credit: 4 Level: Master II Level (Didactics, Literature & Civilization)   Weekly time: 3h00 Number of teaching Hours: 45
This course provides more specific information as to the rules for writing a good research paper. Learning Objectives By the end of the course students will be able to: consolidate paraphrasing acquire knowledge as to the use of transition develop a competence in writing coherently
References   Improving Coherency in Writing.Available at:https://www.academia.edu/28231875/IMPROVING_COHERENCE_IN_WRITING_THROUGH_THE_USE_OF_THEMES_IN_ESSAYS_WRITTEN_BY_SECONDARY_SCHOOL_FORM_4_STUDENTS Synthesis in Writing.Available at:https://www.sd43.bc.ca/school/gleneagle/Parents/LearningLab/English%20Resources/English%2012/Synthesis%20Writing.pdf-Transitions in Writing. https://www.uwc.edu/students/academic-support/owl/transitions-writing
Course Content
First Semester
The research methodology course for Master 2 (both specialties) encompasses the following items: Consolidation of ParaphrasingParaphrasing a short passageParaphrasing a long passage     Synthesis   What is a synthesisImportance of a synthesisConducting a synthesisTransition   How to set a transition between one idea and the otherHow to set transition between one section and the otherHow to set transition between one chapter and the other   Coherency   What is coherencyCoherency within a paragraphCoherency within a sectionCoherency within a chapter
End of Semester I Exam
Second Semester
  The second semester is devoted for dissertation writing
End of Semester II Submission of Dissertations
Assessment and Evaluation

Continuous Assessment

  • Two in-class assignments graded each upon 7 pts, and a grade for discipline (6 pts)
  • Exam questions should take into consideration the  practical aspect, not the theoretical side

Instruction and evaluation ought to target a vivid-like context