The Advanced Vietnamien Programme

The Advanced Vietnamien Programme

Vietnam Maritime University
International School of Education – ISE
Advanced programme

The Advanced Programme is a project started by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam aiming to improve the education standards at Vietnam’s key universities to the international level. It receives special financial support from the Ministry which pays up to 85% of the tuition fees.

ISE has formed partnership with California Maritime Academy (USA) to establish 2 Bachelor Advanced Programmes: Global Studies and Maritime Affairs (GMA); International Business and Logistics (IBL) in order to acquire state-of-the-art teaching methods and valuable experience from prestigious international professors.

ISE has had students from the USA, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Denmark, Korea … coming to study. Therefore, students have a chance to obtain various scholarships up to 30, 50 or 100% tuition fees. Moreover, students have also a chance to transfer to the USA and continue their study.

The studying duration: minimum 3 years.
The degree to be obtained: Bachelor of Advanced Programme: Global Studies and Maritime Affairs (GMA) and International Business and Logistics (IBL).
The tuition fees: 3000 USD for the first year (one academic year is equivalent to 10 months).

  • Application:
    Deadline of Spring Intake: 30th December.
    Deadline of Autumn Intake: 30th August.
    Via email:
     Directly at: 105B Room, A5 Building, Vietnam Maritime University.

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