Master – 2015/2016 Faculty Of  Literature and Languages and Arts

Master – 2015/2016 Faculty Of Literature and Languages and Arts

Faculty Of Literature and Languages and Arts offers 08 MA degrees, 03 project with Department of Arabic Language and Literature in Literary criticism among Arabs and one with a Grammatical studies semantic, another with Linguistics of discourse.

Also 01 project with Department of English in Literature and Civilisation Anglo-Saxon.
And 02 project for Department of French Language in French Communication and Advertising, Teaching French on university Objectives.

The Candidate Filing process for admission to first year Master, start from 07 July 2015 until 23 of the same month.

Required of graduating students (LMD system.) and (classic system) who are interested, whether from inside or outside the University Dr. Taher Moulay of Saida, fill out forms bellow & bring the following file:
Written request.
Birth certificate No. 12
A copy of the revealed points Baccalaureate.
A copy of the BA.
Payroll points to track configuration.
Registration certificates and re-registration of the formative years.
Descriptive certificate attached with BA – for graduates of LMD .
Certificate of good behaviour for graduates of other university institutions.
04 personal photos.
Certificate of non-affiliation derived from the Social Security Fund.