creative writing competition

creative writing competition

Being creative in writing lies in the ability to describe the world through an honest and unfiltered lens. Anyone who engages in creative writing, no matter the genre or style, helps us explore the human experience, share new ideas, and advocate for a better society. Whether you write your stories for yourself or share them with a wide audience, creative writing makes the world a better place.Here, we share Sylvia Plath’sview when she said “I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still”.

We would like to thank the Dean of the Faculty Prof MESKINE who helps in bringing the event to light, the head of the department who encourages hard work and creativity. Special thanks also go to the members of the scientific committee who devoted time and energy to read the candidates’ works. We sincerely hope that our students will not stop at these contributions and they will further contribute to enriching the field of creative writing.

Creative writing competition organizers

Dr. Naima GUERROUDJ and Dr. Nadia GHOUNANE

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