Teaching Unit


Coefficient: 3

Credit: 4

Level: Third Year


Weekly time:

1h30 four the course and 1h30 for TD

Aims and Objectives:

ü  Helping students to understand different literary movements.

ü  Providing students with background knowledge on the philosophical theories of the time.

ü  Introducing the students to different literary genres of the periods.

ü  Developing students’ proficiency in literary analysis.

ü  Making students capable to write an academic paper in literature.

Learning Outcomes:

–          Students will be able to discuss different cultural context to provided literary texts.

–          Students can develop knowledge on how to trace each movement characteristics in a piece of literature

–          Students will be able to compare literary texts

–          Studentsgain a background on the techniques to write an assignment in the MLA style for literature papers.


Aboulela, L. (1999). The Translator. Black Cat.

Ashcroft, B, Griffiths, G.,& Tiffin, H. (2007).Post-Colonial Studies: The Key Concepts (2nded). Routledge

Ellison, R. (2016). Invisible Man. UK: Penguin

Gates, H. L., & McKay, N. Y. McKay. (1997). The Norton Anthology of African American Literature.

Hemingway, E. (1987). The Sun Also Rises. Chelsea House Publishers.

Miller, A. (1996).Death of a Salesman: Revised Edition. Penguin

Mohja, K. (2007). The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf.PublicAffairs Edition: New York

Morrison, T. (1988). Beloved. New York: Plume

Woolf, V. (1992). Mrs.Dalloway. Collected Novels of Virginia Woolf. London: Palgrave Macmillan

Course Content
First Semester (British Literature)
       I.            An introduction to Post-colonialism

1.      The cultural context

2.      Thematic concerns.

    II.            Existentialism

1.      Philosophical issues

2.      The new poetry

3.      The Theatre of the Absurd

 III.            An Introduction to Feminism

1.                   The woman question.

2.                   Femininity vs. Masculinity

 IV.            The literature of the hyphenated

1.      Identity Issues

2.      Islam and Britishness


1.      A selection of short stories from James Joyce Dubliners

2.       William Butler Yeats’ The Second Coming

3.      The psychological novel by Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway

4.      Harold Pinter play The Room

5.      LailaAbulelaThe Translator

End of Semester I

First Examination

Second Semester (American literature 20th and 21st century)
I.                   An Introduction to American literature (20th and 21st century)

1.      The Black Movement

2.      Modernism

3.      Post-modernism

II.                Concepts and philosophies

1.      The American Dream

2.      The Lost Generation

3.      The Harlem Renaissance

4.      Black Feminism

5.      Hybridity and Diaspora


1.      The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.

2.      Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

3.      Arthur Miller The Death of the Salesman

4.      Toni Morrison Beloved

5.      MohjaKahfThe Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

End of Semester II

Second Examination

Assessment and Evaluation
Continuous Assessment

ü  Home work 10% (4 pts)

ü  Participation 10% (4 pts)

ü  Attendance: 5%  (2 pts)

ü  Td Exam 25%  (10/10 pts)              All in all 50% (20/20)


Final Assessment

ü  Exam 50% (20/20 pts)