Research interests :  Literature, literary theories, research methodology, American culture and civilization.

Dr. BENADLA is a lecturer of English language and literature at Dr. MoulayTahar University of Saida, Algeria. His teaching areas include written expression, literary theory, history of ideas, research methodology and academic writing. He has published several research papers in national and international journals, mainly, The logical structure of hybridity in American ethnic fiction (2015), Traces of Hegel’s Logic and Heidegger’s identity and differences in Anaya’s novel: Bless Me (2014), the convergence of the bible and history in the understanding of the crucible (2008), and Language and being in Harold Pinter’s play The Room and the Caretaker as a case study (2018). He also published a book in LAMBERT Publishing entitled Identity reconstruction in ethnic American fiction (2018). He also published a second book in LAMBERT Publishing entitled The evolution of blacks from the status of slavery to full citizenship (2018). He also participated in many national and international conferences.