University of saida Dr MOULAY Tahar

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University of saida Dr MOULAY Tahar

Saida University is a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, based in the core of Saida city. It is located in the western part of the Upper Hills of Algeria. It composed of 5 complexes consisting of administrative and pedagogical buildings, as well as university services. It was named Dr. Moulay Tahar University, after this martyr who was a man of science and knowledge. Our university has gone through 2 essential phases :
The First Phase :
The establishment of the Higher School of Professors of Basic Sciences by Decree No. 245/86 of 1986/10/07 to ensure the formation of secondary education professors in basic scientific disciplines : physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
The development of our university had witnessed a shift by which the Higher School of Professors was converted to a University Centre, established by Executive Decree No. 98/222 of 1998/07/07.
The restructuring of the University Centre was followed by Executive Decree No. 06/275 of 16 October 2006, comprising 05 institutes:
– Institute of Science and Technology (mathematics, physics, robotic media chemistry, industrial chemistry, electronics, communications, matter science);
– Institute of Natural and Life Sciences (irrigation, civil engineering, biology);
– Institute of Legal and Administrative Sciences (legal and administrative sciences, political sciences and international relations);
– Institute of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences (Economic Sciences, Commercial Sciences, Automated Management Information;
– Institute of Literature and Languages (Arabic, French ,and English).
The Second Phase :
Saida University underwent an important qualitative shift with Executive Decree No. 09-10 of 2009/01/04 b: Saida university was set up, initially with 03 Directorate-General’s offices:
Higher education, continuous training and certifications;
stimulating and promoting scientific research, external relations and cooperation;
The development, innovation and guidance.
In addition to four faculties which are :
Faculty of Arts, Languages and Social Sciences;
Faculty of Economics, Business Sciences and Management Sciences;
Faculty of Law and Political Science;
Faculty of Science and Technology.
This continued until the issuance of Executive Decree No. 13-200 of 2013/05/2000 amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 09-10 of 2009/01/04 establishing Saida University, where it was restructured into a composition of:
Higher training in the first and second stages, continuous training and certification, as well as higher training in graduate
Tertiary training, university qualification and scientific research, as well as post-graduate training.
external relations, cooperation, revitalization, communication and scientific events
development, innovation and guidance.
Currently, the University consists of 06 faculties:
Faculty of Arts, Languages and Arts;
Faculty of Economics, Business Sciences and Management Sciences;
Faculty of Science;
Faculty of Technology;
Faculty of Law and Political Science;
Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.


Born in 1925/11/25, Saida, Dr. Moulay Tahar joined the Tunisian border at the Eastern Base of the Staff of the National Liberation Army (NLA) under the leadership of Colonel Houari Boumediene. He was an active member of the secret struggle cells before being compromised by the French army. He joined the ranks of the NLA as being one of the founders and officials of the first hospital of the Eastern Base. After the independence, he continued to provide immense contributions to the health sectors until he died on 07/11/1999 in Saida.

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