The Scientific committee

The Scientific committee consists of:

  • The University’s rector
  • Vice-Rector
  • Deans of faculties
  • Chairs of the scientific boards of faculties
  • University Central Library chief
  • Representatives of professors from each faculty elected from among the highest-ranking professors
  • Elected representatives of the Faculty of Professors
  • Two external personalities, professors at other universities

The Council can invite people whose competence can be useful for the Council’s work.

Functions of the Scientific committee of the University
In accordance with Executive Decree No. 03-279 of 23 August 2003, the functions of the University and the rules governing its organization and functioning are defined.
The main tasks of the University’s scientific committee are to express its views and recommendations as follows:

  • Conducting annual and multi-year training and research schemes for the University
  • Establishing projects, modifying or dissolving faculties, institutes, departments and, where appropriate, attachments, research events and research laboratories
  • Introducing national and international scientific exchange and cooperation programmes
  • Summing up the University Training and Research
  • Summing up the University Training and Research
  • Relating the university’s partnership programmes with various socio-economic sectors
  • Demonstrating the university’s scientific programs
  • Valuing the workers’ search results
  • Describing proceeds and projects for the acquisition of scientific and technical documents
  • Suggesting research policy guidance and scientific and technical documentation for UNU
  • Expressing opinions on all other important matters of a pedagogical and scientific nature.